End to end video based market research.


 weseethrough is expert at recruiting and rewarding participants from all areas of the world and from all B2B and B2C sectors including CPG, Personal Care, Construction, Media and more. We provide a great briefing service to our participants ensuring they are clear on their tasks. They invariably ask to take part in future studies and provide great insights to our clients.


Key to great results is great fieldwork and happy confident participants. weseethrough has a logistics, project management and technical team dedicated to getting the best results for your studies. We provide 24×7 support on all platforms and make it easy for participants to do their tasks and get their footage to us.


Mining hundreds of hours of video to get to the key moments is our strength. We mark up and edit the videos up based on your hypotheses and key themes. We also search for the unexpected and unidentified ones. All the video is available to the client. Each project has a detailed report and summary per participant.


Clients prefer their output in a variety of formats according to their objectives. Our insights may be used for internal comms, business development, external comms, innovation/R&D. This means we can provide showreels e.g. 3 min insight overview or a 100 slide presentation (well, we do get a lot of data!). We match to your requirements in order to get actionable outcomes from our projects

See through your customer’s eyes.

weseethrough are global experts in end-to-end video behavioural research.

Our observation methods ensure your customers are comfortable and natural while interacting with brands. Our researchers specialize in video. And our analytics platform means we won’t miss a thing. We will deliver your data in an actionable format, ensuring optimal results for your brand.



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