For Brands

End to end video based market research.

See through your customer’s eyes.

weseethrough are global experts in end-to-end video behavioural research.

Our observation methods ensure your customers are comfortable and natural while interacting with brands. Our researchers specialize in video. And our analytics platform means we won’t miss a thing. We will deliver your data in an actionable format, ensuring optimal results for your brand.


Recruit, Capture, Analyze, Share.

Or maybe you just want us to analyze your existing footage such as customer focus groups? We can adapt our service to your needs.

You can show them. With authentic clips.


We use market leading devices to ensure maximum comfort, ease and quality for both the agencies and consumers. We capture consumers in their natural environments to ensure genuine insights. We use wearables, such as Go Pros, fixed cameras, eye trackers and more.


Translate, subtitle, tag by theme, behaviours and sentiment. Create showreels to bring your presentations to life with video evidence and compelling stories. We store all your footage so you don’t have to. Simply access it as and when you need.


We can store, analyse and subtitle existing vox pops and free form video responses, meaning you can search by themes to understand consumers better.


We can be the home to your footage. Access it anytime, use smart search technology to find exactly what you need, create video showreels, and share it with your wider teams. White label available.


Can’t be at a focus group? Record it and put it on our platform. Subtitle and tag it to make it easier to search and report on. Anyone can view topics they want to across all your focus groups at anytime. By region, demographic, topic.


Our researchers combine traditional (powerpoint) with video evidence and showreels to create compelling stories which move the dial in your business and deliver the voice of the customer directly into your propositions.


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