Our video analytics platform provides in-depth insight
and helps brands understand consumers’ actual behaviour

Observation and Ethnographic Research

weseethrough helps companies better understand the relationship between consumers and their products by observing their real-world behaviour and interactions with those products. We conduct projects in both developed and developing markets, enabling a true global understanding of consumer behaviour.

With us, research has no limits.

what we do

weseethrough is an award winning market research company.

We use the latest wearable and innovative video technologies to capture a first-person view of people’s lives for market research and insight. We demonstrate that what people SAY is not always what they DO.

We sift through large amounts of first-person footage using our bespoke video analytics platform. Qualitative research through video has never before been possible at scale.


Focus Groups, Surveys and Mystery Shopper programmes all have their place in understanding the connection your brand has with its customers, But each have their limitations when it comes to understanding the unobserved behaviours that happen in the car, at home, at work and elsewhere.

weseethrough’s approach, which enables subject a to be observed while going about their daily lives completes the research picture.


Observe your customers everywhere, anywhere.

In the Car

In the Office

At Work

At the Shops

At Home

At Play

the result

We give you access to our analytics platform, where footage is tagged and subtitled so you can use smart search to find specific behaviours or consumers’ opinions. We provide an in-depth research report and a showreel, giving a snapshot of the big moments.

How do we do it?

Using discreet body-worn cameras and a powerful video analytics platform we’re able to capture, collate and analyse hundreds of hours of consumer behaviour across whole days – or even weeks  – of their day-to-day lives. And we’re able to identify and extract and contextualise those important interactions that would otherwise be missed by traditional research methods. 

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A global FMCG company wanted a kitchen-level understanding of people’s meal preparation – across 20 countries!


A global FMCG company wanted a first-hand view of West African women’s laundry processes.


A global FMCG company wanted a first-hand view of West African women’s laundry processes.