Observational Research

Evidencing the gap between what people SAY and what they actually DO. Understanding how to achieve long term behavioural change. Ethnographic research.

Taking market research anywhere

weseethrough conducts projects everywhere. Our digital and online methods, especially with wearable cameras, can be used anywhere in the world.

what we do

weseethrough is an award winning behavioural observation and ethnographic market research company.

We use wearable and fixed cameras and in the moment interviews to view people’s lives (with their permission). 

We demonstrate that what people SAY is not always what they DO.

We sift through enormous amounts of footage in-home or at-work using our bespoke video analytics platform to evidence WHAT consumers do with your products and services so you can understand why and work out what to do next

Answering questions, without asking them.


Our analytics platform allows us to identify specific behaviours or opinions in order to provide in-depth reports and video reels.

the impact

Researchers gain actionable insight and brands can truly understand their consumers. This means they can tailor products, and ultimately build better brand-consumer relationships.


We will find the undiscovered ah-ha moments. We will change mindsets. We evidence the findings so thoroughly that you can be confident the data can be acted on. See our case studies to find out more.   


Understand real consumer behaviour, not claimed


Analyse huge quantities of video


Identify the most powerful insights


One platform for review, analysis and navigation

Our fieldwork is second to none. We brief participants all over the world on any type of camera; GoPro, 360, fixed, wearable to achieve the best fieldwork results for your study. This includes camera settings, uploads, downloads, charging, sending out and receiving back. (pic of camera). 

Our video analytics platform enables us to sift through hundreds of hours of video to find the needles in the haystack that form powerful insights for you.




A global FMCG company wanted a kitchen-level understanding of people’s meal preparation – across 20 countries!


A global FMCG company wanted a first-hand view of West African women’s laundry processes.