Winner of the 2015 MRS Award for Innovation in Research Methodology, weseethrough is a technology-driven market research company that helps global organisations to better understand their consumers’ actual behaviour, rather than reported or claimed.

Using the latest wearable and other innovative video technologies to capture first-person footage of respondents’ daily lives, our video curation platform, Haystack, is then used to efficiently unearth invaluably deep insight from hundreds of hours of video.

A large, global FMCG company wanted a kitchen-level understanding of people’s meal preparation – across 20 countries!

Already armed with a great deal of attitudinal and behavioural knowledge from traditional qualitative and quantitative research, the company wanted a first-hand view of meal life cycle – from key meal decisions and food preparation… to plating meals, cleaning, and storing leftovers.

They wanted to witness first-hand WHAT people are doing, HOW they are doing it, and use this to understand more deeply the WHYs behind behaviours.

Some of the objectives

  • Truly experience meal preparation from the eyes of the person
  • Examine claimed versus actual behaviour
  • Search for clues on emerging trends or behaviours
  • Compare and contrast behaviours and beliefs across many countries
  • Understand regional consumer segments


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