A fixed camera and GoPro qualitative study


Understand what happened when certain food products came into the household. The brand knew who bought them and why they said they bought them. But they wanted to see what happened at the table – Who made the decisions? How did mum and dad work with the kids? Was packaging every looked at? How and when were decisions made?


  • Installed cameras in 40 households looking at 3 specific areas; prep, cupboard and table.
  • Used motion sensor cameras to ensure less footage
  • Filtered footage down to relevant mealtimes and out of mealtime footage relating to relevant food types
  • Used Go Pro tasks for the families to tell us more about themselves
  • Follow up interviews with each family helped us to understand the Why after we had seen the What


Created a research report talking about key behaviours and opportunities for the brand supported by footage and showreels of relevant insights.


The brand had never seen into its customers homes in this way. And first knowing the families and then without focus groups, but one to one chats we received some brilliant insights around what they did and why they did it.