An insight powerhouse, Haystack is our primary innovation.

We collect video data from:

  • First-person video of people’s behaviour captured using wearable and location-based technology
  • Existing video content (ie: previously recorded interviews or focus group footage)
  • 100,000+ YouTube videos to find content relating to your product – reviews, news coverage, etc.



  • Your video content is uploaded to Haystack. We extract detailed behavioural codes through a combination of machine learning and human analysis and produce a transcript
  • A comprehensive report is created, including in-depth and invaluable insights, supported by video montages as an evidence
  • You can go beyond the findings in the report, and search, review the transcripts and storyline in Haystack to gain additional insights and broader context

Confident Qual

Bringing in a feasible means of scaling qualitative research means you don’t need to persuade marketing
of a behaviour observation.
You can show them. With lots of clips.


All footage is there after a project for all team members to query against via the Haystack in the cloud.

No downloading and no hard drives.

Smart Search

“Show me every time that _______”

… They used soap
… They opened the fridge


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