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At weseethrough we don’t only see through the eyes of the consumer, we also see through headlines. So we thought we’d share what caught our eye in the news over the past few weeks. In this weeks’ edition, how the biggest brands respond to their data, how a change to a popular app has affected everyone and how Google have developed their surveys tool to make it perfect for everyone. Also, why you should question if text analytics really are right for you.

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Big names on data: positives and negatives weighed up

If you are interested in what big brand names have to say about data – you can’t go wrong on this report regarding the IGD Big Debate held recently in London. Waitrose gives us the low down on the benefits of word of mouth opposed to marketing for their loyalty scheme and how they focused on the fact that they had to earn the right to their customer’s information. Other brands discuss how they have used digital technologies to build their customer engagement, but that data is not the be all and end all – don’t forget that not all answers lie at the bottom of a list of facts and figures.

Is text analytics really right for you?

If you are looking for reasons to check your text analytics but wonder if it is worth it – you certainly need to read this article. This writer sets out the difficulties involved with the text analytics options currently available and the fact that this type of market research is not for everyone. It comes down to the right type of data and whether you actually need it for your business. Text analytics are not a replacement for establishing customer satisfaction through other means. Don’t forget to do your research before buying – good advice.

The Technology and Data Summit: Highlights

Last month we attended the Technology and Data Summit in London. Our CTO, Duncan Roberts spoke to a crowd of industry leading market researchers about “Using wearables, machine vision and the crowd to mine actual behavior for insightful moments.” The talk was focused around the topical idea of using technology to capture and analyse consumer behavior. The day was a great success, with presentations on virtual reality and its use in social research, through to a discussion of the human side of marketing using biofeedback to get a true view of our digital lives this covers everything in some depth. Further info on diagnostic tools using big data and even how this relates to mental health adds to the highlights package. This great roundup certainly will make you wish you were there.

Google Surveys 360 – a new approach to an old idea

Cheaper, faster and easier to use. How could you not like the updated version of Google’s consumer surveys tool. This article sets out how this new tool integrates with other Google tools to give market researchers the data they need to measure the impact of their marketing ideas. With some pretty screen shots, this article gives you a run down on all the additional 360 tools, all of which look like they could be potentially very useful and above all, easy to use and understand. Plus this has a new pricing model to make it even more affordable. If you are looking for a new survey package – this might just be the one.

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