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New research by Jumpshot and EyeforTravel reveal insights into the travel consumer’s path to purchase

Market analytics firm Jumpshot have teamed up with EyeforTravel, an online travel brand community to create a report from analysis of travel purchase behaviour. Jumpshot studied clickstream data of more than a quarter of a million travel purchases across five countries to track the path travel consumers take whilst in the process of booking a holiday. This analysis, coupled with original consumer surveys from EyeforTravel enabled them to create a comprehensive report for travel professionals to better understand their customer journey.  

Consumer insight platform Audiense secure £3.8m funding from Candy Crush creator Mel Morris

Audiense, a consumer insight platform delivering consumer insights to big-name clients including Premier League clubs and major clothing brands have received £3.8m in funding from Mel Morris, the chairman of King Digital, the entertainment company behind Candy Crush. The investment will be channelled into improving Audiense’s platform functionality, bolster their sales and marketing functions, and support the company’s expansion to North America.

Millennials are driving ‘cord cutting’ and redefining ‘TV’

Millennials are the leading age group when it comes to ‘cutting the cord’ with 18-34-year-olds making up 43% of the US Cordless population (do not have cable, satellite or fibre-optic cable service) according to market researchers at GfK MRI. The study noted that millennials are particularly hard to reach for marketers and opinion makers because they are “44 times more likely to be cord-free than the average consumer” due to their divergent viewing habits.

New Research Shows that Marketing Sustainability Can Sway Customers Worldwide

New research conducted by Unilever has revealed that concerns over sustainability are having significant influence on consumer buying habits. The study shows that a larger percentage of consumers worldwide are actively seeking sustainable products and companies that have a ‘positive social and environmental impact’.

21% of people included in the study said that they would be more likely to buy from a brand if its sustainability credentials were displayed clearly on their packaging. Although this number only makes up around a fifth of people surveyed, it is likely that this is a pattern likely to continue.

Five minutes with Kantar Retail Market Insight’s UK boss

Essential Retail recently conducted an interview with David Evans, the MD of Kantar Retail Market Insights to hear his thoughts on how technology is impacting the retail industry, including the retail benefits of virtual reality.

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