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How will the Brain of the Future Researcher Look?

MRS published an article on how the brain of a researcher will look in the future. How must the brain of a researcher adapt in order to excel in the rapidly evolving world of market research? MRS identifies being business savvy, having excellent data analytics skills, being a skilled storyteller and early adopter are they key attributes required for future researchers to keep up with the increasing demands of the market research industry.

Ask the Experts: On The Consumer Insights Holy Grail of Proving Social ROI

In Dinah Blobeid’s article, customer insights expert James McCormick from Forrester Research and Brandwatch Analyst, Ben Schaefer shares their insights on how to solve the complex problem of measuring social ROI and underlining the value of consumer insights. James McCormick suggests that discussing with business partners what they are trying to achieve from consumer insights and agreeing on what success looks like is a vital first step.

Election Lessons: Interview with Andy Hasselwander on his analysis of multicultural consumer segments in the U.S. elections

Andy Hasselwander, head of Latinum Network’s Gen Y-Z product team, talked to Ad Age about how the emotions of fear, anger and the desire for change influenced the presidential election in the U.S. Mr. Hasselwander proposes that “rural white” should be included in cultural marketing, and that market researchers should treat the segment in the same way as Latinos or Hispanics. He explains that the rural/urban divide was identified by Donald Trump, and effectively targeted during his campaign. Mr. Hasselwander suggests that Trump is a great qualitative market researcher. If you’re fascinated with U.S. politics, or simply would like to understand how Donald Trump used what we call in consumer market research as “breakthrough insights” to success in the elections, then we highly recommend reading this interview in Ad Age.

New Research Shows that Marketing Sustainability Can Sway Customers Worldwide

New research conducted by Unilever has revealed that concerns over sustainability are having significant influence on consumer buying habits. The study shows that a larger percentage of consumers worldwide are actively seeking sustainable products and companies that have a ‘positive social and environmental impact’.

21% of people included in the study said that they would be more likely to buy from a brand if its sustainability credentials were displayed clearly on their packaging. Although this number only makes up around a fifth of people surveyed, it is likely that this is a pattern likely to continue.

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